508th Airborne

Chapter Bulletin

December 2005



New Chapter Chairman Appointed


Joe Montoya, former member of Headquarters Battery, 320th Airborne Field Artillery has accepted the position of Chairman for the 508 th Airborne Chapter. The chapter failed to elect a chairman at the 2005 82 nd Airborne Division Association reunion in Milwaukee , so it became necessary to appoint one. Joe accepted the appointment at the 2005 320 th /508 th reunion in Clarksville , Tennessee . The appointment was validated by the current Chapter officers. Joe is currently the honorary Sergeant Major of the 320 th Airborne Field Artillery and former chairman of the 320 th Airborne Field Artillery Association. Joe will assume the office on January 1, 2006 and Interim Chairman Bob Murray will take a well deserved break.




Dues: Annual member's dues are due and payable by this 31 December, $15. If not received by 15 January 2006, you will be dropped from the active roster. So why not write out your check now, put it in an envelope, address it, put a stamp on it, and mail it to: Treasurer, 508 Airborne Chapter, PO Box 1462 , Sun City , AZ 85372-1462 . Make your check payable to: 508 Airborne Chapter. Don't be one of those guys apologizing because the “wife didn't mail it etc.” Those of you fifty or over can become an All-American Paid for Life Member for $85,



Chapter Web Site: Those of you with PC capability, 280 plus that we know of to this date, can readily avail themselves to our Chapter Web Site for up to date News and Events concerning our Chapter and any thing pertaining to our 508 th , a Guestbook with entries from others who served with the 508 th , or are looking for someone they served with; A Message Board, presenting questions directly or indirectly concerning someone or something about the 508 th . You can almost instantly step up, and reply to a request on the Board. Our Chapter Secretary and Commo Director, are working hard to learn to administer the Web Site, keeping it current and up to date, deleting the “spam” and trash that sometimes sneaks in. For those without PC's you will receive hard copies of our Chapter Bulletins by “snail mail”, and when required important notices of Chapter events, activities or news.

The Chapter web site address is www.red-devils.org



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Page 2 December Bulletin 2005

Army Special Operations Museum : The Museum is located in downtown Fayetteville NC , composed of the history and artifacts of all the army special units, Airborne, Rangers, Green Berets etc. Those of you with PC's can check it out at www . asop m f.org . One of the features is the entrance walkway where granite monuments are placed for each Airborne, SF, Ranger etc units. At the Chapter meeting in Clarksville , the attendees voted to appropriate the funds necessary ($3165) to have a memorial placed at the museum for the 508th AIR or ARCT. The process of doing so has begun and suggestions of what we would like to see on the stone have been submitted to the Museum to see if they meet their policy and requirements. Once we receive approval from the museum we will solicit the Chapter for those who wish to make a donation toward the costs. My personal feelings are this is an opportunity for those who served with the AIR, ARCT to have the unit finally recognized once and for all, and in STONE, showing we were for real, and still are! The photo on left depicts the 187th ARCT monument.

The Devil's Digest: The Digest was published bimonthly or six times annually with six or eight pages. It won several awards from National, either first or second place, for being among the best Newsletters published by an Association Chapter. Jack Damron was responsible for all of that. He wrote, composed, edited, laid out, addressed, affixed the postage and mailed it. He employed a printer for collation and folding. He did this six times a year, and alone! All of that was in addition to doing every other required job to administer your Chapter. Secretary, Treasurer, and Chairman. IF, Jack had been paid $1.00 per hour, for his time spent, the Chapter would have been in Chapter Eleven many moons ago! We have been asked about the Digest, when will it be back? We don't know. My opinion is, if some member or members step up and assume the responsibility for the Digest, do it!

However, if that occurs, four issues a year would suffice, cost less and not be a time consuming responsibility for one person.


Absent Friends: Since our last Bulletin we have received notice of the passing of the following Red-Devils:

                                                                     Corley, William 598th Abn Eng. Co. '51-'53 October '05

                                                         Hale, James H., Support Co. 508 th 1953-54 28 June 2005


Nuclear Test Survivors: Rodger Jacobson has provided this information received from the AMVETS. Those of you who participated in Nuclear Tests during your service time and may have illnesses from Radiation Exposure will be happy to know the following: Congressman Bob Filner introduced two Bills to Congress, HR 4183 and 4184. They will provide care for all Veterans of

Nuclear Exposure. If a veteran is now deceased, his widow may receive his compensation. If you are a

veteran suffering from Nuclear Exposure, or know of one who is, or the widow of one, please pass this info on. M ost importantly, contact Your Congressman to support these Bills. For details contact AMVETS RECA Chairman Earl J. Lee phone: 619-444 5384; cell: 619-322-1494;

E-mail: reca.lee@sbcglobal.net


Interim Chairman's Message: This is my last message as your Chairman. On January 1 Joe Montoya assumes the Office and we look forward to supporting him. You will find a short bio of Joe elsewhere in this issue. I wish to thank the officers for volunteering their services to actively participate in the administration of the Chapter since September of 2004. Without their support and contributions the Chapter probably would not have continued so successfully. Thank you Dave Burns, Ken Glynn, Ken Hamill, Jim Lutes and Frank Seif.



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Page 3 December 2005


And we can never forget The Roadrunner, Rodger Jacobson! As for myself, I thank you for the many calls and notes of support you sent in those first few months of disarray. They were greatly appreciated. There is no telling how large this Chapter can be, but for it to grow, you the members, must actively participate.


On behalf of the chapter officers, Director and myself, we wish you and yours a joyous Christmas Season and a Happy and Prosperous New year. – Bob Murray




Your Staff joins the Membership of the 508th Airborne Chapter of the 82nd Airborne Division Association to thank you Bob Murray for stepping up when Hurricane Charley hit Chairman Jack Damron's home putting him out of commission. You volunteered and came out of retirement when the Chapter was in dire need of a leader to fill the void. Your guidance, experience, and leadership have been very much appreciated.


A Paratroopers Memory

By Leo Quinn

I remember coming back from a long night march and being met by our Regimental Commanding Officer, Colonel Cleland, along with the Regimental Band, and a trailer full of Beer. After we finished our beer, we marched into the area with our heads up high. We had a lot of respect for Colonel Cleland. Colonel Cleland was called “the great white father” because of his white hair. He would also do PT with us in the morning, and on Fridays he would run with us. All this took place from June 1951 to December 1951, I think that's when he was replaced. We had so much enthusiasm then that we would have walked on water if he had asked us to. Kenny Glynn, formerly from Worcester , was also in L company.


Joke Time – Gotta Love Those Seniors


A man was telling his neighbor, "I just bought a new hearing aid. It cost me four thousand dollars, but its state of the art. It's perfect." "Really," answered the neighbor. "What kind is it?" "Twelve-thirty."


Three old guys are out walking. First one says, "Windy, isn't it?" Second one says, "No, it's Thursday!" Third one says, "So am I. Let's go get a beer."





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